stainless steel pc

A stainless steel solution is always a good investment. When looking for a robust, reliable terminal that can operate under the most hygienic conditions.

They do not corrode

AISI 304 or 1.4116 steel is the most commonly used steel in many countries. Resistant to corrosion and suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Harsh environments, or in the presence of corrosive particles require suitable materials, such as the AISI 316 version. For example, in marine applications, given the presence of salt spray).

Resist high temperatures

A device made from these materials is capable of operating even in harsh environmental conditions. Even in those that would testwould put a strain on standard devices. Operating temperature ranges widely, from very subzero cold to extreme heat, such as inside factories where furnaces are used.

Easy to clean

Some environments need to be very easy to clean and sanitize, such as those for food processing. For this reason, it is very easy to sanitize steel products through the direct use of water and specific detergents. In some cases, the use of high-pressure hot water is also possible thanks to IP69K protection.

The most widely used material in food processing, due to its proven toxicity, is precisely stainless steel. In addition, steel is the most recycled material in the world.

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